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Anxious virgins looking to meet their match can read (currently three) inspirational stories written by people who got married and had sex, allegedly in that order. It reads like the lamest fan fiction on the Internet.Meet Me Virgin, an online dating website, was created under the umbrella of M Social Life Group, a Limited company based out of Hong Kong.To be sure, You And Me Are isn't the first virgin-targeted dating site — you know how popular being a virgin is these days, what with Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson re-converting (i.e. ) Speaking of writing, the You And Me Are home page features a detailed description of what constitutes a virgin — in case potential site members aren't sure — repeating the term "sexual intercourse" more than three times in one paragraph. "It was reported in 2009 that someone was willing to pay 5.6 million dollars to buy the virginity of a woman." Who reported? " Maybe the same guy who loaned his sweater to a beautiful young woman the night before, and found it the next morning — ON HER GRAVE! Another dating site, OKCupid, has a photo game in which you're shown a series of photos and asked to guess which photos contain virgins — kind of like that quiz where you're asked to distinguish Helvetica font from Arial.renewing their commitment to chastity) during their short-lived re-engagement and all. "Vcards can be used to represent the value of your purity," reads the description for the product valued at .50 ( for customers outside the U. This attempt to clarify "sexual intercourse" only muddles an increasingly muddled topic. The "guess the virgin" game should be a lot easier to play on You And Me Are … The virgin dating sites home page features images of a diverse rainbow of racially-matched "happy couples." Alas, reading the print at the bottom reveals, "The persons in the photos are models. You And Me Are better hope so if it wants to make it beyond the Jonas Brothers demographic.

Having abundance, standards, being self-fulfilled etc is all fine and well but isn't going to help a guy who hasn't yet had sex.

Abstract ideas like those aren't going to help virgins.

Also, a lot of guys yet to have sex have an issue about it (I know I did) and you can tell a mile off.

But it may be the first one that offers an actual prop to create literal card-carrying virgins ... The dating site's store offers perplexingly "sold-out" gift memberships (did they run out of Internet? The images are being used for illustrative purposes only." Sigh.

Oh I could make these jokes all day long — just like we made fun of the high school virgins back in the '80s, when "virgin" is what the cool bullies called you when they wanted to negatively impact your self-esteem. " Now there are dating sites, so boys and girls can get together to make it harder to maintain their virginities. " (That's "boyfriend" if female, because Proposition 8/Smoposition 8, this particular virgin dating site is hooking up singles like it's Aug. Frankly one expects better story exposition from the recently deflowered blathering away online. Nevermind that fetishized "purity" has been used to oppress women since the dawn of time or that teens who take virginity pledges are more likely to engage in riskier sexual behavior.

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