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Read on for our top 7 picks where your chances of meeting a Cougar are high!

Combining our list below with a little time on NYLO is a elegant bar and lounge situated on the South side of the city.

The buzzy atmosphere means that the Cougars who come here expect a confident, energetic young man.

If you want a lively conversation, and to meet come of the wildest Cougars around, then the San Francisco Rose is definitely worth a try.

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Situated in the Ritz Carlton it attracts a elegant and sophisticated crowd. While there are penny of secluded corners for intimate conversation, there is also music from early until late which gets everyone into the party mode.Inwood Tavern has friendly bar staff and a great drinks menu.If you are really looking to impress the more mature ladies who frequent this bar, why not go all out and dress smart, Inwood Tavern is known for its relaxed atmosphere so if you stand out from the crowd the Cougars are sure to sit up and pay attention.Usually in groups of 2 or three, they are easy to spot, usually at the bar chatting with their friends over a good cocktail or two and generally looking as though they are up for a good night out.If you enjoy a decent beer, the draft selection here is also worth a try.

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