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The only positive was that on all of our remaining trips to Grafenwöhr, we never again had to stay in tent city. Documents/Graf Incident The above link takes you to a section of the USAG Hessen command information newspaper, the Herald Union.

I thought you might be interested in the story of page 6 of the PDF file.

Landrio suffered no injuries and was released the next day. He did say the ride was rough and bumpy and they felt every bump which made the pain greater for Maj.

Two days later A Company attended a memorial service in the chapel at Grafenwohr with Maj’s closed casket in attendance.

This round landed outside of the impact area in Camp Kaserne where the 3d Reconnaissance Squadron, 12th Cavalry of the 3d Armored Division was bivouacked.I remember the news of it spreading like wildfire and the ensuing fallout.I have no first hand information on the incident and for me it was a news story only until quite a few years later.He was probably a captain at the time of the incident.I was in B Troop of the 12th Cavalry 3rd Recon Squadron on September 2, 1960 at Grafenwöhr when the artillery shell overshot the impact area and landed in the D Troop arms tent.

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