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Since then it has been storn away and he promised that it would remain storn away as long as he was prime-minister I was a little disappointed with the negative tone spending more time attacking Harper than putting out his own policies, but he did make some really good points. Even the Conference Board of Canada claims the plan they endorsed didn't include the health care guarantee or fixing the fiscal imbalance.

Thought: Does it actually make sense for a manager to FORCE two employees, who hate each other, to have a weekly coffee break together?

Federally I used to be a Progressive Conservative, but have since left the Conservatives due to their more right wing policies and now proudly support the Liberals.

This morning before heading off to work, I went to listen to Paul Martin make a speech at the Vancouver Board of Trade, which I am a member of.

A political blogger from a centre-right perspective.

I live in Toronto although grew up in Vancouver, currently work in the financial sector and I was an active supporter of the BC Liberals provincially, but now support the Ontario PCs.

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