Online dating for wow players characters

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Occupation: artist and stay-at-home-mom (Amanda); mechanic (Jeremy)Hometown: Elgin, Illinois Jeremy: Raiding a small little town.Amanda: Basically, we attacked a Horde village in Ashenvale.Amanda: We're going to get a babysitter for our daughter and then go to dinner and go see it.

By that time, we had known the majority of them for anywhere between four and five years, or even longer than that. Jeremy: So instead of "in sickness and health…"Amanda: It said "in full health bars and rez sickness." My friends giggled at that part and everyone else who didn't get it just kind of was like, "What?

Jen: I think it was a group decision, but it was definitely his idea to make all the weapons.

Jen: We had special [themed] drinks our venue made for us.

With my wife's help, we created coins on the computer and then sent them out to a company that actually stamped them, so we got a couple hundred gold coins to hand out as favors and that looked pretty darn awesome in the treasure chest.

We took the logo from the Alliance side and took the lion head out and put our initials in it [and put that on the coins].

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