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It kind of hurt after a while because it was sewn(stitches) to the bottom of my tongue and to the other side. Some OCs, crazy action scenes, grumpy Gibbs and unreadable Tony. He will never know everything, and that's fine, but anything?

What will happen when emotions run high and truths are I love all ncis members, this story centers on Gibbs Hiatus and Ziva BF Death issues. We can just say it’s an alternate reality for all parties involved…and hey, Ducky’s alive in this one…yay Detective Tony Di Nozzo has a rule—no undercover work. The life of the Gibbs family Leroy Jethro, Shannon and daughter Maggie born after Kelly died , and Jackson along witht the lives of his team are changed forever when Jackson finds an abandoned child outside his store late one night Tony . Summary: When he is first at NCIS, and is a probie under Special Agent Franks, Gibbs investigates a case involving young military men who have gone missing. Gibbs enters a run down farm house looking for a murderer. Tony is now a member of the NCIS family but not all is fun and games when he and Gibbs disagree over a case. I have to go back a couple of weeks back to the Doctor and they will tell me what needs to be done and then the same day talk to the Anesthesiologist. A series of one-shots and ficlets chronicling Tony and Jimmy's friendship in season 8. After they are engaged, she is kidnapped by a person who has been kidnapping and killing people in the military branches. Other than smiling, how did Tony come to join NCIS? To stop her, Tony drops his mask, showing who he had hid for so long. The day before I have to go into my regular clinic and get a transfusion. Part of my Tony and Jimmy friendship series and sequel to 'An Unlikely Friendship' and 'Friendship's Unlikely Turns'. Gibbs and his team go to Baltimore to investigate the death of a Petty Officer. Can Kate ease the pain of this new Tony that now seems like a stranger? The sun had been shinning and the forest that Tony had walked into hadn't contained a rabbit hole into Wonderland. A series of unrelated one-shots chronicling the friendship between Tony and Mc Gee. So now I have to go in for a transfusion of two units of red cells and one unit of platelets before the surgery the next day. Update again: Was in the hospital last year and this year during the months of November, December, January and Febuary and now this last week of August. It seems the last two transfusions they are having trouble getting the IV in. This last platelet transfusion and the one before the last one I had a reaction to the platelets which is weird because I never had reactions before like that. It is recommended that 'In Too Deep' be read first. It is a race to find Tony alive before anything happens to him. Add a relationship based on a lie, Tony, Gibbs and you obtain C'est la vie! Oh insert disclaimer stuff here not making any money or anything of this and their not mine...i just borrowed them for a bit Set at the beginning of Season 6. There is more to Tony's past than his teammates know. Was supposed to have three units of red blood cells, but only one was given to me because of a fever spike which happened the day before too. I also wrote a bunch of Pretender fics under a different penname: fojg24aka24The aftermath of an undercover case that went drastically wrong, now the criminal is loose and out for revenge. Kelly comes back into Gibbs life, as the apple never falls far from the tree, she joins NCIS, soon she falls under the charm of Tony. This time it will contain some discipline, spanking that it. When a mysterious symbol is found on a dead marine, the NCIS team must team up with SG-1 to get to the bottom of the case.

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