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Gail just stood there for a while with a grin on her face. So take me, would you like..." Gail was interrupted. Just for now, fuck my ass Gail, please I want your cock fully inside me.

Then finally Gail mad a move and went up behind Maryse and planted a passionate kiss on Maryse's lips. I want to feel the cum of yours in me, please Gail I need it bad." Maryse Pleaded. Gail grabbed her cock and adjusted it and now it was full inside Maryse's ass hole. None the less, Maryse continued enjoying the tight fucking she's in. Gail continued humping Maryse's ass back and forth, as her hips hits Maryse's ass cheeks. She plants her face in the silver, trying to get a grip of the cock that was in her ass.

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The following story involves shemale on shemale action and is a complete fantasy.

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Maryse then reaches inside her ass to grab some of Gail's cum. Gail's takes the fingers and licks them clean, tasting her own juices.

She is stroking Maryse's shaft, getting her to moan slightly louder. Maryse also feels Gail;s eight inch cock grinding in and out of her ass crack. It was something she truly loved more then anything else.

Gail starts humping Maryse's back side, as she continues licking her neck. Gail then snapped out of it just to say a few words to Maryse. Maryse leaned forward and licked the belt again for a few times. Maryse then turned her head and was met by Gail's mouth again.

One of her hands was jerking Maryse off and the other was rubbing her tits. "I'm yours Maryse, I'm yours for as long as you want me. They continued their passion kiss again, as Gail pulls her cock out of Maryse's hole.

Maryse then turns off the shower water and they both exited the shower room hand in hand.

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