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The two coils can be seen in the Project Guitar Parts Photos of the Inside of a Type 510B.

Just to confuse matters totally, there were apparently also some Type 510 units that did not have adjustable screw-head polepieces but were fitted with exposed non-adjustable "staples" instead.

The first of the "Blade" pickups, this one can be identified from the later 513 6-string unit because it doesn't have a "notch" in the exposed blade magnet.

Both the 512B and 513B bass pickups don't seem to have had a notch.

This arrangement can be easily seen using Because of the construction of the Type 510, it should theoretically be possible to change it to a twin coil humbucker by simply adding another coil to the existing second set of polepieces. converting it into a Type 510 Super, which is described Type 510B bass pickup however is a actually a twin-coil unit, very similar to the Type 3 "Cavern" unit above.

It would appear that the only difference between the Type 510B and the Type 3 is that the 510B has one set of adjustable poles exposed through the top of the case.

This was the first pickup designed by Walter Hofner, the father of the Hofner Violin Bass.

Alternatively, many early archtops have dates of body manufacture written under the table top, just so as to make it really difficult to read!

Yeah, I know it's a rhombohedron, but diamond is easier to spell!

Looks like a humbucking pickup, but in the case of the 6-string conventional guitar version, it is actually a single coil unit fitted with two magnets. There is another line of polepieces hidden under the cover.

See the picture below of these fairly rare units: It would appear that he "staple" pickup was simply a development from the first Type 511 above, and that the only significant difference is that the non adjustable polepieces ("staples") are now exposed through the pickup casing.

As usual, black plastic surrounds were used with the side mounted set-screw location system as in the picture above.

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