Calculation of kar dating

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This would pre-empt avoidable inconvenience, delay and unnecessary paperwork. Service Book/Register: The Service Register is the main document in support of the service rendered by the Government servant and also in determining the emoluments to be considered for calculation of pensionary benefits.

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Periods of overstayal of leave, joining time, suspension and unauthorized absence which remain unregularised till the time of retirement shall count for pension as qualifying service to a maximum of 3 years.(Rule 259 of KCSR)Dearness Allowance – The pensioners including holders of family pension shall continue to be entitled to Dearness Allowance on pension(before commutation/family pension at the same percentage as is adopted in the case of Government servants In calculating the length of qualifying service, (i) a fraction of a year equal to three months and above shall be treated as a completed six monthly period (ii) fraction of a year equal to 9 months & above shall be treated as 2 six monthly periods and reckoned as qualifying service for determining amount of pension. A government servant’s service does not qualify for pension till he has completed 18 years of age (Rule 220 of KCSR). appointment done by the Government and duties and pay regulated by the Government.(Rule 223 of KCSR)Service does not qualify unless the Government servant holds a substantive office on a permanent establishment but temporary service forwarded by permanent service will count to the extent indicated in Rule 226.If the Government servant dies before receiving the payments, gratuity will be paid to the nominee in whose favour the nomination has been filed and accepted.If the nomination has not been filed/nomination filed does not subsist, DCRG is payable according to the provisions under Rule 292 of KCSRS.

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